Nov 28, 2007

REVIEW: BerryBuddy

Yesterday we received a nice little package in the mail and the ability to demo what is being called the BerryBuddy, by innov8systems out of the UK.

The idea is simple: It's a cradle/charging solution for your BlackBerry Pearl (more on that in a minute) so that it can charge and sync simply by being plugged in.

While there are several different desktop holders on the market, this is one that from others we have seen, should deserve to be towards the top of the group.

It is simple, yet actually looks good (And looks like its supposed to be on your desk).

The design isn't anything spectacular, however, it does set the Pearl at a good angle allowing you to have a clear view of the screen.

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You will notice there is a blue light and a green light on it, and on the back, there are ports for both charging and synching.

The green light is on when the power is plugged in, and the blue light when the synch cable is connected to the computer.

Obviously, it can charge via the USB slot, which may leave some scratching their head as to why there is even an option for the wall charger slot, however, just as with other things, it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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Plus, our guess is some people would prefer to use this on a night stand, where they won't be synching with a computer.

One thing that we would caution, is that the USB connection fits fairly snug, so you want to make sure to connect and disconnect it with caution. Also, the plastic "holding area" seems to be of firm plastic, so we will have to see if it causes any wear on the back of the device after numerous uses.

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Unfortunately, this is only available for the 8100 series Pearls. Note, this does NOT include the 8130 series Pearls yet, as there is a slight build difference.

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Innov8Systems is working on producing the same type of solution for both the 83XX and 88XX devices.

Here is their website:

It is only available through select outlets right now, which you can find on their site by going to "BUY".

Also, if you would be interested in this, feel free to email us at and we will see if we can't get some type of bulk discount or whatnot.

There may be more things that pop up, so we will update this thread accordingly.

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