Nov 15, 2007

Desktop Manager: Which To Use With What

There are numerous versions of Desktop Manager floating around, so we are going to give a quick break down on which to use and when.

*Any 4.2 and 4.3 Operating System devices MUST use Desktop Manager 4.2 and above. The easy way to determine this is: If you have a trackball instead of a trackwheel, you need to use Desktop Manager 4.2 or above.

*4.2 is currently the only Desktop Manager bundle that includes Roxio Media Manager. When you are at the download site and choose the version of Desktop Manager 4.2 you want, scroll down and you will have the option to install with the Media Bundle or without.

*OUTLOOK 2007 MUST BE USED with 4.2 or 4.3 Desktop Manager, regardless of the OS on the BlackBerry. If you don't have a trackball device, download Desktop Manager WITHOUT the Media Bundle.

4.3: Has the same functionality of previous versions, just with a different interface, however, there is no "Hide When Minimized" option. 4.3 will work with both Windows XP and Windows Vista. NOTE: In order to get Roxio Media Manager, you will have to install a version of Desktop Manager 4.2, install it and Roxio, and then upgrade to 4.3. As of press time, there is no 4.3 Desktop Manager download that includes Roxio.

4.2, Service Pack 2: The same as the other 4.2 DM verisons, however, this version is the ONLY VERSION that is proven to be compatible with Windows Vista. You MUST download this version if you have Windows Vista!

4.2/4.2 Service Pack 1: Initially the same thing, however Service Pack 1 includes the USB Modem Drivers. It is recommended to download to by-pass 4.2 and 4.2 SP1 unless you have issues with 4.2 SP2. Works on Windows XP, will NOT WORK on Windows Vista.

4.1: Also known as the original. Works on all Windows based operating systems. Mainly used for devices running the 4.1 or 4.0 Operating Systems. These devices should be able to use DM 4.2, however if you experience problems connecting any 4.0/4.1 Operating System devices to 4.2, then downgrade to 4.1

4.0 and Under: If you are using a BlackBerry with Desktop Manager

4.0 and under, then you need to contact us to upgrade to a newer BlackBerry.


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