Jan 29, 2008

Why Do BlackBerry and Apple Hate Each Other So Much?

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. It's like a 21st century version of the Hatfield vs. McCoy's rivalry. Word out now is that Entorage 2008 won't sync with BlackBerry. That's okay, you say? I will just use my PocketMac or Missing Sync! Negative. The plug-ins that are required for those applications to work as the sync between your BlackBerry and MAC are missing too, therefore rendering them worthless. As of right now, there is no ETA on a fix or a patch, but considering that neither Apple nor BlackBerry have a good history of "working with each other", we doubt it will be any time soon. So who is the cause of this? Does BlackBerry hate Apple? Did Apple look at all the BlackBerry owners and say "You won't buy our iPhone? WELL WE WILL SHOW YOU!". This is getting ridiculous guys. I think you both need to go on vacation together down to Cancun and learn how to play nice together.

Jan 21, 2008

Get BlackBerrys and Get A BES...FOR FREE!

This promotion just came my way and just wanted to give you the heads up.

It is the BES/CAL promotion (fulfilled through Sprint)
– Activate 20 devices for a free BES (MSRP $3999.99) or 10 devices and receive 10 CALS at no cost (MSRP $1000.00)
**Based on availability of software allocated for this promotion. Expires 3/31/08.

Create Distribution Lists On Your BlackBerry

How many times have you found yourself wanting to create an email to multiple people on your BlackBerry, and it takes too long to put each person in one by one?

Well why don’t you create “Groups” on your BlackBerry?

Here’s how!

Go into your Address Book and bring up the menu.
Scroll to “FILTER” (Will be located above New Address).
Bring up the menu within Category and choose “New”
Name the category.
Save your changes.

Open your address book and bring the menu up.
Go to “New Group”
Name the group at the top
Bring up the menu and choose Add Member
Add the member from your address book.
*SPECIAL NOTE: A contact may be added to more than one group, and also when adding members to groups, you can still use the “Filter” option to easily find everyone within a category.

Save your changes
The group will now appear in your contacts.

SPECIAL NOTE: Unlike categories, distribution lists do NOT transfer over to your BlackBerry as do categories.

Create Categories On Your BlackBerry!

How many people do you have in your BlackBerry Address Book?
Don’t you wish there was an easy way to “clean-up” your Contacts?
There is, with a simple, yet generally unknown, option that appears on both your BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook called “Categories”, and here is how to set your Categories up.

Go into your Address Book, and bring the menu up.
Scroll up to and choose “Filter”.
Now in the “Category” list, bring the menu up and choose “New”.
Name your Category.
You will now have a new Category.

Open your Address Book, hit the menu button, and choose “New Address”.
Fill out all the fields you wish to have completed.
Go down to “Category” and select it.
In the menu, choose “Categories”
Scroll to the category you wish to assign them to and hit your space bar to check that box.
(Note: You DO have the ability to assign multiple categories to one contact).
Save your changes.

Open your Address Book and find the person you wish to assign to a category.
Bring up the menu button and choose “Edit”.
Scroll down to “category” and select it.
Scroll to the Category you wish to assign them to and hit your space bar to check.
Save your changes.

Open your Outlook and go to your Contacts.
Choose the contact you wish to assign to a category and open that contact.
On the “General” page, towards the bottom right you will see a “Categories” option.
Choose the Category you wish to add them to.
Note: Here, you can also create a newly named category by typing the name of the Category and hitting “Add To List”.

Go into your Contacts in Outlook.
Find the first contact you wish to assign to a group.
Press the CTRL button and click on that person.
Scroll to the next person you wish to add, and while still holding the CTRL button, click on them, and so-on and so-on.
NOTE: This is generally easier to do in “Phone List” view Once you have selected all of the contacts, you release the CTRL button. In the Outlook Tool Bar, click on Edit-Categories and select the Category you wish to assign them to.
*SPECIAL NOTE: The more contacts you attempt to assign to a group at one time, the longer it will take your computer to do so, and increases the risk of your Outlook to “Stop Responding”.

Note: If you already have Contacts broken down into “Sub-Folders” and wish to assign that entire group to a category, open that sub-folder. In the ToolBar, choose Edit-Select All.
Go back to your toolbar, and choose Edit-Categories (Down towards the bottom) and choose the category you wish to assign them to.
*SPECIAL NOTE: The more contacts you attempt to assign to a group at one time using the select all option, the longer it will take your computer to do so and increases the risk of your Outlook to “Stop Responding”.

Jan 8, 2008

Zach Barker added you as a connection on Pulse


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Jan 2, 2008

BBG Says: Don't Use A blackberry.net Email Address For A Forward To...

This weekend we had a meeting with a client, and when we brought this up, we realized that many people probably are using a blackberry.net email address for their "Forward To" addresses when using an Exchange Server without an Enterprise Server.

We recommend that all of our clients that are doing this do not use the blackberry.net email address, but rather a GMail email address, and here is why.

1. When the BlackBerry Internet Service goes down (As has happened several times this past year), email instantly stops being sent to your device. Since everyone now is on BIS 2.0 or later, you no longer have the ability to log into a "webclient" to check email that is sent to a blackberry.net email address, leaving you stranded until the BIS service gets back up and running.

2. In some instances, there have been reports of emails that are sent during an outage to blackberry.net email addresses disappearing and never reaching their destination once the service is restored.

3. During the event of an outage, Gmail comes in handy 2 ways: First, it will always keep a backup (assuming that you have it set correctly in the GMail settings) in your mailbox, meaning that you will still have a copy of that email. Second, assuming that your data service isn't down, you still have the ability (Although not as convenient as having the email delivered to you), to go to www.gmail.com from your device, logging in, and reading and responding to email through there.

4. GMail, as is a blackberry.net email, is free.

One of the disadvantages of this, however, is the fact that corporate email is being forwarded to GMail, which exists on their own servers, and obviously, since there is a webclient login for GMail, it IS possible for someone to get into that account and access delicate information.


If you are an IT Admin or a BES user and you are THAT concerned about security with your emails being forwarded to a GMail, since you already have an Exchange Server, you should ALREADY have invested in a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Just wanted to point this out as an extra "Backup alternative" for those who are using forwarding rules to blackberry.net email addresses.