Aug 28, 2007

David Spade Has A BlackBerry Intervention

Blackberry Intervention

Our Blog is Temporarily Blocked

Yeah, good ole’ robots decided it thought we were spam.

We are working with Blogger to get this rectified. As you can see, we can post via email, however, we can’t include any pictures, which is, well, pretty much worthless.

So stay tuned…We will have this taken care of soon.

BlackBerry Pearl 2 Pictures Arise

And we have those pictures, but with our blog being “Temporarily blocked”, we are unable to post them. We will post soon!

End of Life For the 7130 CDMA BlackBerrys

Several reports are coming in that the 7130 CDMA BlackBerrys will be reaching the end of life come October.

This is good news in a way, as it lines up with the reports that the CDMA 8100 Pearl will be launching on those outlets in November.

Question is though…What is going to be replacing the 7130 series? As you may know, many companies don’t allow “camera phones” in their offices, so the Pearl won’t be a solution for them.

Hmm….Is yet ANOTHER BlackBerry waiting in the wings?

Aug 16, 2007

BlackBerry Needs A "Send Key"

We were discussing this the other night. One thing we would like to see on the BlackBerry in the future, is the ability to send a message or email via a dedicated key, or, say for example holding the "Enter" button down for 2 seconds. Wouldn't that me more convenient than having to do two more steps to send an email?


Here We Go!!! Tell us what you REALLY think about your Treo... Wendy Charles gives us the low down on her Blackberry and why she loves it... Abby Norman with Village Real Estate takes a minute to stop by and tell us about her BlackBerry and how it benefits her in her business. Wendy Charles gets pwned when we catch her with our cameras and she doesn't know they are rolling...

Breaking News From BBCool: AT&T neuters the BlackBerry 8820 in favor of the iPhone

Wow. I must say, this is probably the biggest piece of news we’ve ever broken here at BlackBerry Cool — and possibly the one that’s made us the angriest. We’ve just received word from one of our friends inside AT&T that the US carrier has been successful in their attempts to lockdown the GPS functionality in their upcoming BlackBerry 8820 so that the only functioning 3rd party software will be TeleNav.

First, this is a major piss off to AT&T customers looking to get their hands on the BlackBerry 8820 mid-September, but what’s more important is why AT&T chose to do this. Apparently - and remember, this is coming from someone inside AT&T - the carrier didn’t want to launch a device that would seem superior (or be competitive) to the iPhone. Sounds a little crazy, until you realize that a GPS/Wi-Fi’d device with push email and no funny-texting touch screen that’s subsidized in price sounds a bit more appealing than a $500 device that enterprise customers can’t use.

We’ve been told that RIM was apparently livid over the decision (and with good reason), but AT&T basically said “do it or we won’t buy the 8820 or any future devices from you” and RIM backed down. Our AT&T informant also said that this was a call made by top RIM/AT&T brass, which sheds new light on Jim Balsillie’s statement that the carriers are one of RIM’s three masters.

So, to recap: – The AT&T BlackBerry will have neutered GPS capabilities – The T-Mobile 8820 will be better than the AT&T version – Apple has won the first round against RIM

Let’s check that last statement for a second. Our informant was unsure if Steve Jobs called the hit, or if this decision was made solely by AT&T to protect their serious investment in the iPhone. The fact of the matter, however, is that RIM’s biggest North American customer just crippled one of their enterprise devices in favor of a consumer device that supposedly doesn’t compete with the BlackBerry.

Post a comment and let us know what you think about this crazy news. Personally, we never liked AT&T that much in the first place, but we like them even less for screwing over the BlackBerry faithful so they can make more money

Story Via BlackBerryCool

Aug 15, 2007

Well, the GNAR has come and gone...

And as you can see below, there was a heck of a turnout! Give us the rest of tonight to recover from our "BlackBerry™ hangover", and tomorrow expect a full round-up of the event, and the YouTube videos to boot!

Kim Pennington with Prudential Woodmont.

With her BlackBerry Pearl!

Say Cheese!

Mayra Mercado and Yael Vasquez with Pineapple Realty with their Pearl and Curve!

Abby Norman with Village Real Estate...

is a loyal sprint BlackBerry™ user and a blackberryguy client! SMILE! Head on over to YouTube to see Abbys GNAR onsite interview!

Why Should I Get A BlackBerry™?

Because, you should!

Look at this BlackBerry™.....

Zach showing the crowd what the BlackBerry is capable of...

Kelen Taylor with Century 21 Charlton Realty

Uses her 7105 BlackBerry™ "all the time"!

Wendy Bryner with Crye-Leike

Has a BlackBerry™ and needs help!!!

Tell me why I need a BlackBerry rather than a TREO...

Because it works!

You NEED a BlackBerry™!

Wendy Charles convincing Mark Hollandshed that he needs to get rid of his HTC pocket pc and come over to "the dark side"

Wendy Charles giving props to BBG!

Look for the video coming tomorrow on our YouTube site!

Wendy Charles with Remax Elite

A BlackBerry™ addict in the true sense! She's had over 5 BlackBerrys in one year. Not because they are crashing, but because she is ALWAYS upgrading to the latest and greatest!

Linda with The New Home Guide...

loves her BlackBerry™ 7130!

GNAR Booth

If you see us, stop by!!!

Aug 14, 2007

Do I want a BlackBerry™?

Teri Cannon with Remax Carriage House, ponders on whether she is ready to take the leap to the "CrackBerry".

Mike Hays with The Hays Team...

Doesn't need his eyes open to realize he loves his BlackBerry! He's had it for 4 months, and he's already addicted!!!

You need some training? Excellent! We can help!

A veteran BlackBerry™ user needs some training!!!

Oh, you need a BlackBerry™?

Well lemme see what I have in my little bag o' tricks....

BBG Reporting Live From the GNAR!

We are here and ready to roll!

Get ready for live updates from the Greater Nashville Area Realtors convention!

Coming at you live for the next 2 days!

Stay tuned!

theOutsider: Information on MANY new BlackBerrys

Sprint. Tmobile. AT&T. Verizon. Vodafone. EVERYONE is going to be getting some new goodies to play with it looks like! WiFi! GPS! Expandable Memory! It's endless! A user over on Pinstack known as TheOutsider, has posted information that has taken the BlackBerry world by storm, by showing us all what is expected to be coming from our Canadian "crack" dealers here in the next few months. READ Entire story here. *Pictures and Information courtesy of TheOutsider

BGR: TMobile Launching 8320 BlackBerry Curve Sept 24th

You begged, you pleaded with the T-Mobile gods, and now we finally have something concrete. It seems as if September 24th is the rumored launch date set in stone for one of the most anticipated BlackBerry devices to date — the BlackBerry Curve with WiFi + UMA (8320). Read *Picture and information courtesy of BoyGeniusReport

BGR: TMobiles String Of BlackBerry Pearls To Launch September 4th

In a rather underwhelming show of pseudo-strength, on September 4, T-Mobile is set to re-release the ever-popular first-generation BlackBerry Pearl in three exciting new colors: Ruby Red, Boiled in Blue, and Glitterin’ Gold. Read Entire Story *Story and Picture courtesy of BoyGeniusReport

Aug 8, 2007

Free Give-A-Way....10,000 AskMeNow 1 Year Subscriptions!

Thats Right! Ten THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!
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Aug 7, 2007

A Little Birdie Told Us That...

The 8130 BlackBerry Pearl is poised to launch on Sprint within 60 days, which confirms the following post by one of our "Insiders" (or Outsider as he likes to be known/READ THE OUTSIDERS POST)
No word on whether or not this will be WiFi or GPS equipped....Seeing that Sprint isn't really big into the "WiFi" game since they have EVDO coverage and the fact that I personally find it hard to believe that RIM would offer Sprint the first US carrier to have WiFi, I wouldn't count on it.
I do think there is however a pretty good chance that the 8130 will be GPS equipped, so that it can use the TeleNav feature that Sprint pushes so much, just like the 8830.
So, email us today if you want to get on the list to get the information as quickly as we receive it!
*Image provided by Pinstack User CP6169

Aug 6, 2007

Why The United States Needs "TRUE" 3G Coverage...

How many times have you been on a phone call on your BlackBerry, and it seems to take FOREVER? Now, what happens once you get off of that phone call? Yep...The emails start FLOODING IN. Now, imagine that while you are on that one hour phone call, you have the ability to receive those emails and respond back to them, all without having to hang up the phone in order to do so? How much MORE productive would your BlackBerry make you THEN? Maybe it's just me, because I spend HOURS on the phone at a time...But I think everyone has had this happen to them and they wouldn't disagree.

Aug 3, 2007

Smart Phone Show Down....ROUND 1!

So let the gloves come off with a Smart Phone Showdown! This will be the first of many Smart Phone Showdowns to come, so that we all can get ideas of how BlackBerrys stack up to the competition, if there is such a thing. This first round is going to pit the 8700 BlackBerry against a 750 Palm Treo and the 8100 BlackBerry Pearl. Let's get ready to rumble! CLICK HERE for the showdown!

BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3...Find out what's new about it!

As many of you know, the BlackBerry Internet Service went through an upgrade a few months ago, and we have received many questions asking what the difference is between it and the old BIS. Well here is your answer directly from BlackBerry. I would write this out for you, but I am on my BlackBerry and my thumbs hurt. =-) CLICK HERE to find out about BIS 2.3!

Run A Marathon With Your Best Friend....YOUR BLACKBERRY!!!

When Christine Ross, a senior marketing executive who trains with Marathon Dynamics in Toronto, competed in this year's Boston Marathon, she ran with two companions – her best friend Janice and her BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8100 smartphone. BlackBerry Connection® met up with Christine to discuss her unique BlackBerry® experience. Click Here To Read The Entire Story! *Story courtesy of BlackBerry Connection/Research In Motion.

Welcome the newest Blackberrys!

RIM has been BUSY the last year, giving us all sorts of new and fun devices to play with! The 8830! 8800! 8300! 8820! That's a ton of devices...And not to mention there are more in the pipeline! So CLICK HERE and meet the newest members of the family... And of course, if you're interested in getting one of these work horses, email us at and we're on it!

Aug 1, 2007

BBG Will Be At The 2007 GNAR Convention!

So look for us and stop by and say hi! The GNAR is a convention by the Greater Nashville Area Realtors Association, and as we all know, there are TONS of BlackBerrys being used in the real estate world, so it ONLY MAKES SENSE that we are there! Need some info on the GNAR Convention? Then CLICK HERE. Wanna make sure you see us while we are there? Then get a hold of us so that we know to expect you!