Apr 25, 2007

Death to a Berry....

A moment of silence please for the passing of a very good friend...

Sprint/Nextel and Research in Motion have announced the BB7520 has reached its end of life and will no longer be in production.

With the new Sprint 8830 available for only $199.99, many companies are analyzing their walkie talkie use to see if its "mission critical" or if a trade in and upgrade are in order for their company.

*picture courtesy of Steve St. Pierre @ BlackBerryCool.com

Apr 21, 2007

BlackBerryGuy Makes The BoyGenius Blog!

Our guy Joshua Karp gave us a nice write up over on the BoyGenius Report regarding our recent merger with BlackBerryMadeSimple! Here's what he says: BlackBerryGuy.com and BlackBerryMadeSimple.com have announced a strategic partnership, creating a double-headed, BlackBerry helping monster. BlackBerryGuy is one of the web’s foremost providers of live and web-based BlackBerry Help Desk support, in addition to a plethora of other BlackBerry-oriented training and support materials. BlackBerryMadeSimple is, simply put, one of the best BlackBerry support centers out there, offering an incredible array of videos designed to help individuals and enterprise clients alike master the delicate BlackBerry science. This new partnership will put an unprecedented amount of BlackBerry support resources under one umbrella. Both new and current BBG members will now have full access to BMS’s video collection. Sounds like a bit of a no-brainer for anyone in the market for BlackBerry support. Here's the original story if you wanna check it out! BlackBerry Help Is On The Way!