Sep 21, 2007

TMO decides to make some BB owners happy early...

The "official" launch date for the new 8320 BlackBerry Curve was slated for T-Mobile for Monday, September 24th. However, due to the popular demand of the new device (or it could have been the hundreds of crackberrys calling their local stores asking if it was in yet), TMobz decided to go ahead and start selling the device as early as Friday the 21st (for those fortunate enough to have a local rep who would "hook them up").

We are wondering how the person who spent $1,000 on eBay for the 8320 to get it "before it launched" feels now, considering that by the time he got it delivered on Saturday, about a hundred or so people had already gotten theirs from corporate stores. BlackBerry users screamed they wanted it, and TMO answered. WOO HOO!

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