Sep 4, 2007

September 24th Curve Showdown Between AT&T And TMobile?

That's what it's looking to shape up as... Word on the street is the 24th of September is going to be a very interesting day in the BlackBerry community... It seems as if AT&T and TMobile are going to be trying to "curve" one and other by launching the new round of Curves on the same day. Confused yet? Let's break it down.... AT&T: 8310 Curve...The same Curve that you get right now, but with GPS built in, but no WiFi. TMO: 8320 Curve: The same Curve you can get now from AT&T, but with built in WiFi, but no GPS. GPS Advantage: Know where you're going and where you are. WiFi Advantage: Finally be able to use your Berry in your office or home if you have crappy cell coverage. Overall advantage...None...Some users will benefit of one, some of the other...Will be interesting though to see how many Curve owners jump ship from one GSM carrier to another because the other is offering the option they want. Word also is, TMO might be releasing the 8310 in the near future...but those are just rumors...Just as is almost everything that you find on all these blogs... So now you know... And to add a little fuel to the fire, here are some "Spy Pics" of the up and coming Curve on TMOBILE...Now, keep in mind, the overall form factor of the Curve is the same for every Curve...BUT...We are posting this picture because to us, this is the ugliest color combination for a BlackBerry since the Red Pearl (just our humble opinion)....

HOWEVER...Word has it that you won't be forced to carry this around and look like a pimp if you don't want to! There is also a "titanium" colored Curve that will be available...Allegedly...Supposedly...Well, honestly, noone will know for sure until it drops. But over here at the BBG offices, we are desperately hoping that there are other color combinations other than the 8320 PimpBerry.

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