Sep 4, 2007

BGR: 8820 Soft Launch Slated For...Well...Yesterday...

Via BGR: "We just got word that the BlackBerry 8820 might be "soft launching" on AT&T today (yesterday). That means the unit should slowly be making the rounds into stores, and will possibly be available for direct ordering and/or Premier soon. Pricing is said to be the same as the current BlackBerry 8800, which would put it at $299 after a 2 year agreement. All BlackBerry 8800 shipments have been stopped indefinitely as far as we’re aware. They’re all EOL’d. If we’re lucky, I think we can expect these 8820s in stores by tomorrow (today since we are a day late)" Kinda bad news for those people who have gone out and gotten the 8800 series already, but hey, a BlackBerry is a BlackBerry, and if you are like us, it doesn't matter if they launch 10 BlackBerrys back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back...We're still gonna have them in our possession. Thanks to BGR for the tip!

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