Oct 5, 2007

"Hi! Do you want to meet for dinner at.....HELLO?"

So how many of you have an 8830 World Edition BlackBerry and have noticed that you are experiencing several dropped calls? Or people are telling you that they keep going directly to your voicemail?

Well, it may be that your 8830 BlackBerry has accidently been set to "Global" or "GSM" status, which we have found is resulting in dropped calls and no coverage in areas where the signal goes weak.

We are making a very educated guess saying: It appears as when the device is in Global mode, as the CDMA signal begins to fade, the device is actually going out and trying to connect to a GSM network as a backup, rather than looking for CDMA roaming. This being said, as soon as it is trying to connect to the GSM network, the calls are dropping because, well, the 8830's can not use the GSM networks within the United States.

To fix this, on your BlackBerry go to Options-Mobile Network and under the network, make sure you are set to 1XEV, and not Global or GSM. Save your changes and you should notice the changes immediately.

The ONLY time that you want to have it set to Global or GSM is if:

1. You travel very heavily internationally. (Global)

2. You are overseas and using a pre-paid SIM card while over-seas and are off the CDMA network.

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