Oct 29, 2007

Apple To Potential iPhone Consumers..."We Don't Want Your Cash!"

Usually we could care less about what Apple is doing, hence the reason why unlike other BlackBerry Blogs and sites, you don't see every 4 posts something to do with the iPhone, but this peak our interest.

It seems as if Apple is now refusing to accept payment for any iPhone unless it's good ole' plastic. And not all plastic at that! ONLY credit card plastic. Get an Apple Gift Card for your birthday and want to buy an iPhone? Not so fast. It's not going to happen.

Could you imagine walking into Best Buy and being told "You can buy any of these computers with cash or credit card, except this one...You can only buy it with a credit card".

Considering the fact that you can purchase ANYTHING ELSE in Apple stores and AT&T stores WITH cash OR credit card, we are wondering how this is going to work out in the legal world?

I thought I remembered something in high school about the dollar being good for "all debts private and public", so I pulled out a dollar bill from my wallet just to make sure, and yep, there it is: "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE"

Hmmmmmmmm....This could get interesting...Wonder how long it's going to take an attorney to find some 17 year old who wants to puchase an iPhone but they can't because they "legally" can't enter a contract with a credit-card company.

Not that we claim to be psychics at all, but I'm betting $500 that within 45 days you will see a lawsuit popping up.

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